We don’t just say we’re the best, safe choice for your baby; the certificates awarded to our diapers by third parties also confirm it. Right from the very first diaper we manufactured, it has been of the utmost importance to us to make diapers that are environmentally friendly and suitable for sensitive skin, without compromising on effectiveness.

Learn more about the certificates awarded to Muumi Baby diapers:



The Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation awards the Allergy Symbol to products that are independently studied and safe. The Allergy Symbol guarantees that the products are safe and that they meet stringent, product-specific criteria. Diapers marked with the Allergy Symbol may not contain any fragrances, scents, essential oils or other substances that may cause skin to become sensitive or irritated. Muumi Baby diapers are marked with the Allergy Symbol and are suitable for even the most sensitive skin. We continuously cooperate with the Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation to develop our products in an even better direction.


The Key Flag Symbol indicates that a product has been manufactured entirely in Finland and that the main raw materials also come from Finland. The Key Flag is a registered collective mark and it reliably demonstrates that a product has been manufactured in Finland. We are a Finnish family company in second generation and we manufacture children’s diapers with over 40 years of experience, from only the purest and safest raw materials. Learn more about other products with the Key Flag Symbol here.


The criteria for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel are only a minimum requirement for our operations, and we consider our products’ environmental impact on a much wider scale. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel indicates a product’s environmental friendliness throughout its life cycle, taking into account the raw materials, the production, use and disposal of the product. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel sets precise and stringent criteria relating to what products may contain and what may be added to them during the production process. Products bearing the Nordic Swan Ecolabel may not contain any substances harmful to health or the environment, and all materials used in the products must be manufactured with minimum possible emissions and without burdening the environment. Products with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel may not contain any unnecessary added chemicals, such as lotions or fragrances. Read more about the Nordic Swan Ecolabel criteria here.


The cellulose we use is 100% oxygen-bleached. Oxygen bleaching is a safer option than chlorine bleaching for both the baby’s skin and the environment. Chlorine-bleached diapers may irritate the child’s skin, and traces of dioxins have been found in these diapers. Since Muumi Baby diapers are not chlorine-bleached, they do not contain dioxins or optical brighteners.

Chlorine-bleached diapers are also unsuitable for disposal as waste-to-energy refuse. As Muumi Baby diapers are completely chlorine-free, they can be recycled as waste-to-energy refuse and incinerated. It is not recommended to incinerate diapers which contain chlorine, as doing so can create toxic gases. No harmful emissions are released into the atmosphere from burning chlorine-free diapers.


We only use pure raw materials to manufacture diapers. The primary raw material in all Muumi Baby diapers is FSC-certified cellulose from FSC-certified Finnish forests. Our cellulose is also glyphosate-free. Glyphosate is a well-known herbicide used in the forest industry to prevent copse growth. No chemicals are used in Finnish forests to prevent copse growth, and copses do not even occur with coniferous treets.

FSC is a sign of responsible forest management, and it is the world’s first international forest certification system to promote environmentally conscious and responsible forest management. The FSC certificate awarded to Muumi Baby diapers is one of our investments into sustainable development, social responsibility and responsible forest management. The primary raw material in all Muumi Baby diapers is FSC certified cellulose from FSC certified Finnish forests. This means that new trees are planted in place of trees felled in accordance with responsible forest management principles. By choosing Muumi Baby diapers, you are helping to protect the natural diversity in northern Forests. Read more about FSC certification.