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A: Skin-friendliness is one of our most important values, alongside environmental responsibility.  We make every effort to ensure that our diapers are suitable even for babies with the most sensitive skin.

The skin-friendliness of a diaper is the sum of many factors, such as the materials it is produced from and how well it fits. The raw materials for our diapers are certified and carefully selected, and our production relies on soft and safe materials. Whenever possible, we also favor Nordic producers of raw materials. Our diapers do not contain any unnecessary chemicals, such as lotions or scents. The main raw material for our diapers is totally chlorine-free Finnish cellulose from certified Scandinavian forests. The cellulose we use is not bleached with chlorine derivatives, but with 100% pure oxygen. This is a safer and friendlier alternative for both your baby’s skin and our environment. Nor do Muumi Baby diapers contain any allergenic agents such as latex, formaldehyde or phthalates.  How well a diaper fits also plays a role in skin-friendliness. When the diaper fits well, it will not irritate or leave red marks on your baby’s skin. The carefully selected materials are breathable and also absorb liquids, keeping your baby’s skin dry.

But this is not enough for us – we engage in continuous work to develop increasingly skin-friendly diapers. Muumi Baby diapers are made in cooperation with the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation, and we will continue our already long-standing collaboration in the future. Our diapers are also dermatologically tested.


A: For now, the markets do not offer entirely biodegradable disposable diapers, but the proportion of biodegradable raw materials is increasing, and new, more environmentally responsible raw materials are continually being developed.

The main raw material for Muumi Baby diapers – cellulose – is entirely biodegradable. However, diapers also contain materials such as nonwoven fabrics, which are not biodegradable.
When thinking about the environmental burden of diapers, it is worthwhile considering the diaper’s entire life cycle, from the production of the raw material to the diaper’s disposal.

Muumi Baby diapers are made from carefully selected, pure and safe raw materials. We also employ Nordic suppliers of raw materials whenever possible. Our production process does not generate any harmful emissions into air or water nor landfill waste; every bit of waste generated during our production is either recycled or incinerated to produce energy. Our manufacturing process employs only certified hydroelectric energy which does not result in unnecessary carbon dioxide emissions. The Finnish cellulose used in our Muumi Baby diapers is totally chlorine-free and has been bleached with 100% pure oxygen. This is the safest option for both your baby’s skin and the environment.

Muumi Baby diapers are packed in biodegradable bags that you can reuse as bio-waste bags, for example.


A: Diaper rash is usually the sum of many things. What is generally referred to as diaper rash is a well-known skin irritation caused by faeces and urine and which also involves a baby’s diet and any changes to it. Another important factor is how often the diapers are changed. Diapers should be changed about five to six times a day so that your baby’s skin is not in contact with pee or poo for too long. You should nevertheless remember that diaper rash or redness of the skin in the diaper area can occur no matter how careful you are. Sometimes, the skin reaction can also be the result of diarrhoea or medication. In such cases, it is good to change the diaper even more frequently. Faeces—particularly diarrhoea—contains various substances that irritate the skin and may result in diaper rash.

Muumi Baby diapers are made of breathable materials which give the skin a chance to breathe even when wearing a diaper. Our diapers also meet the very strict standards set by the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation and the Nordic Ecolabel for materials used in diaper manufacturing.

A good way to avoid diaper rash is to let your baby’s skin dry before putting on a new diaper. Diaper rash should be treated with creams and lotions meant for the purpose. If the skin is very irritated and red, we recommend consulting a doctor who can make sure that the skin is not infected.


A: When it comes to the diaper’s absorption capacity, you won’t find much difference between an eco-diaper and a regular disposable diaper. The primary goal of both is to keep your baby dry and happy. However, when you look at a diaper’s entire life-cycle, you will see numerous differences, the biggest of which have to do with the choice of raw materials.

Diapers consist of a number of different materials, and diaper manufacturers are also being offered materials from one end of the scale to the other.  The raw materials used in Muumi Baby diapers are carefully selected and meet the strict criteria of the Nordic Ecolabel and the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation. The manufacturing of an eco-diaper also differs from the manufacturing of an ordinary diaper in terms of the energy source used in the production process.

We employ only renewable and certified hydropower in the production of Muumi Baby diapers, ensuring that our production is not responsible for harmful emissions of carbon dioxide. We also use the heat generated in the production process to heat our production factory. The third difference worth mentioning is the treatment of production waste. We have solved this issue by recycling or incinerating production waste to produce new energy, rather than transporting it to landfill.


A: No. To us, a diaper’s skin-friendliness represents one of its most important qualities. This is why we manufacture only pure and soft diapers, suitable even for babies with the most delicate skin. Muumi Baby diapers do not contain any unnecessary chemicals. We do not add any scents, lotions or dyes to our diapers. Muumi Baby diapers are manufactured solely from carefully selected, pure and safe materials.

Our Muumi Baby diapers carry the Nordic Ecolabel and have been approved by the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation. This means that the materials used in our diapers and the manufacturing process meet the strict criteria set for these labels. However, we consider these criteria to be the minimum requirements, and we strive to continuously develop our products, to make them even safer. Keeping the diaper as pure and free of additives as possible will continue to be one of our top priorities.


A: The cellulose we use is bleached by using the oxygen bleaching method. This is a much safer alternative than chlorine bleaching for both your baby’s skin and the environment. The market also offers chlorine-bleached diapers, which may irritate a baby’s skin and make disposal more difficult. Nor does the cellulose we use contain any optical brighteners. We want to keep our diapers as pure and free of chemicals as possible.


A: The criteria for the Nordic Ecolabel have been drawn up from the perspective of a product’s life cycle, from the selection of raw materials to the product’s disposal. The Nordic Ecolabel signifies a product’s environmental responsibility, taking into account the production process, the product’s use, and waste management. The Nordic Ecolabel has set strict standards on what materials diapers may contain to warrant the label and what may be added to them during the production process.

Products that carry the Nordic Ecolabel do not contain any substances harmful to health or the environment. The materials used in diapers must likewise be manufactured with low emissions and with no burden on the environment. Products that carry the Nordic Ecolabel do not contain any unnecessary chemicals such as lotions or scents. Additionally, on top of all this, products that carry the Nordic Ecolabel need to have a high quality standard overall. For further details on the Nordic Ecolabel criteria, go to


A: The Key Flag Symbol is a sign that the product in question is made in Finland and that also the majority of raw-materials come from Finland. The Key Flag Symbol is a registered collective trademark providing reliable proof of the product’s domesticity. Muumi Baby diapers are manufactured in Tammisaari/Ekenäs, Southern Finland.


A: FSC is a global, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forests. FSC certificate granted for Muumi Baby diapers is just one of our small commitments towards sustainability, social responsibility, and responsible forestry.

All Muumi Baby diapers are made with FSC certified cellulose pulp that comes from forests that are FSC certified. This means that more trees are planted than felled, another great environmental benefit you are helping to achieve by using Muumi Baby diapers. By choosing FSC certified diapers you support foresting that protects the biodiversity of our forests.


A: The collaboration symbol of the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation indicates that the product has been researched by experts, and does not contain any odorants or substances that would generally irritate or sensitize skin.  Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation may issue an Allergy Label for baby diapers whose safety has been independently certified. The label ensures that the products are safe and meet strict product-specific criteria. Diapers that carry the Allergy Label do not contain any scents or other allergens. Muumi Baby diapers carry the Allergy Label and are also suitable for babies with sensitive skin.