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The Muumi Baby diapers and pull-up diapers are the best choice for your baby.

Since the first diaper we produced, our first priority has been to provide our consumers with safe, skin-friendly and ecological baby diapers. We have manufactured baby diapers for nearly four decades and are proud to tell you that our diapers do not contain any added chemicals, such as chlorine, scents or lotions, that could cause irritation to sensitive baby skins. The materials used in our diapers have been carefully selected to allow the diapers to be disposed of in energy waste. The skin-friendliness, ecological life cycle and superb performance of our diapers make Muumi Baby the best choice for your baby.


The sensitive skin of a baby requires a skin-friendly and absorbent diaper. We do everything in our power to ensure that our diapers are also suitable for babies with the most sensitive skin. This is why our Muumi Baby diapers do not contain any unnecessary chemicals whatsoever – they are 100% totally chlorine free, lotion and perfume free. The materials used in our diapers have been selected carefully, and we rely on natural and soft materials. Our Muumi Baby diapers have been developed in cooperation with the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation, a close collaboration we will also continue. We make the environmentally responsible and skin-friendly Muumi Baby diapers for all sizes, from newborns to toddlers. We are also mothers and fathers and want to ensure that you, too, can choose the best possible diaper for your baby.

Nordic purity

We are a Finnish family company, manufacturing baby diapers with experience that spans nearly forty years. This means that we know a thing or two about baby diapers. Our aim is to produce the best possible diaper for families with children, without forgetting the environment. Our diaper plant is located in southern Finland and we employ 70 top professionals in the field of hygiene. At the moment, we are the only manufacturer of disposable baby diapers in Finland, and we consider it an honour to employ Finnish people, thereby making our contribution to building well-being in our country. At the same time, we want to offer high-quality and skin-friendly baby diapers, which also meet the environmental values important to us. Like so many other Finns, we also cherish and value our beautiful nature!

Environmental responsibility

In addition to skin-friendliness and domestic manufacturing, our priorities include the well-being of the environment. Our day-to-day choices have an impact on the environment and the well-being of ourselves and those closest to us. We want to act like everyone else who cares about their environment and well-being and the well-being of those closest to them. This is why our operations consider a product’s entire life cycle from the perspective of the environment, from the raw material selections all the way up to the product’s disposal. Our ecological operations are also guaranteed by the FSC-certificate Nordic Swan Ecolabel granted to our products. The criteria required for the Nordic saw Ecolabel are nevertheless a mere minimum requirement for us and we do consider our environmental impact on a much larger scale as well. We are building a better future together, and small, everyday decisions allow us to build a future that is better for the environment.



In the production of Muumi Baby diapers we use only pure and safe raw materials. Our main raw material is totally chlorine-free FSC certified Finnish cellulose.


Our production process does not generate any landfill waste. Every bit of waste generated during our production is either recycled or burned to produce energy.


We employ only renewable and certified hydro power in the production of Muumi Baby diapers, ensuring that our production is not responsible for harmful emissions of carbon dioxide.


Packaging material is fully biodegradable. The bags can be reused as a rubbish bag for biodegradable waste.


BiohWe take the environment into consideration in all our actions from raw material selection, through product development, all the way to production and waste management.